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Joint Research Management Office


Beds and equipment in the Clinical Research Facility at the Royal London Hospital.



The NIHR Barts Clinical Research Facility (CRF) is based at two sites:

At both sites, the CRF provides facilities and staff to support our researchers and run high-quality clinical trials. They both provide safe and secure units where patients can be recruited, managed and seen, which operate in accordance with agreed standard operating procedures.

The CRF is managed and overseen by the Joint Research Management Office.

Contact us

If you are a commercial company looking for local sites for your trials and are interested in finding out more about our CRF, a prospective researcher contemplating undertaking a study, or an individual requiring research nursing/admin support, please contact Jo Morgan, Associate Director Research Development on 020 8535 6953 or email:  

If you are an existing researcher, user or sponsor of a clinical trial currently being undertaken in one of the CRF sites, or a member of the Trust Clinical Support Services requiring information about BH CRF studies, please contact Jennifer Higgins, Lead Nurse on Tel: 020 8539 5522 ext 4392/ 6730 or 020 7882 8682 or by email:

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