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Joint Research Management Office

Barts Health NHS Trust research performance

The latest Barts Health performance data can be found on the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) website.

Barts Health NHS Trust is required to provide this 'time to target' data on our performance in initiating and delivering research to the NIHR on a quarterly basis.

More information about this requirement, along with progress reports from other NHS Trusts, can be found on the NIHR website - or please click on, or copy and paste, this link:

Historic data

Before 2020 NHS Trusts were required to publish their own reporting data. The following data sets, covering the five years 2014-2019, are held here for comparison purposes only.

Barts Health data on initiating clinical research, 2014-2019:
Barts Health NHS Trust data on delivering clinical research, 2014-2019:


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