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Joint Research Management Office

Individual policies

Unless otherwise stated, all the policies listed below were approved by Queen Mary Senate and Barts Health Executive in October 2022. Those policies are due for review in October 2025. 

Standards for research

Policy 1: Joint policy for study set-up and regulatory approvals [PDF 181KB]

Policy 2a: Queen Mary policy on research integrity (revised June 2024) [PDF 169KB]

Policy 2b: Queen Mary policy on research with human participants [PDF 136KB]

Policy 2c: Queen Mary ethical partnerships policy [PDF 91KB]

Policy 3: Joint policy for consent to participate in research [PDF 199KB]

Assuring the quality of research

Policy 4: Joint policy for the review of research, including peer review. [PDF 148KB]

Policy 5: Joint policy for public involvement in research [PDF 193KB]                                     

Policy 6: Not in use   

Research information

Policy 7: Joint policy for dissemination and publication [PDF 151KB]

Policy 8: Joint policy for citation (open access) [PDF 111KB]

Policy 9: Joint policy for the use of participant information for research [PDF 242KB]

Minimising risk in research and development activities 

Policy 10: Joint policy for minimising risk in research [PDF 110KB]

Policy 11: Queen Mary policy for research data management [PDF 138KB]

Policy 12: Joint policy for clinical trial compensation [PDF 124KB]

Policy 13: Joint policy for the safe and secure handling of Medicines (including Advanced Therapies) in clinical trials [PDF 155KB]

Policy 14: Joint policy for the use of medical devices in research [PDF 251KB]

Policy 15: Joint policy for indemnity [PDF 97KB]

Policy 16: Barts Health policy on research data sharing [PDF 205KB]                             

Financial probity in research

Policy 17: Joint policy for the identification and protection of Intellectual Property [PDF 152KB]

Policy 18: Joint policy for costing research [PDF 124KB]

Policy 19: Joint policy for externally supported R&D pricing [PDF 84KB]

Policy 20: Joint policy for the distribution of research project funds [PDF 124KB]

Policy 21: Joint policy for agreements with external organisations [PDF 95KB]

Policy 22: Queen Mary export controls and sanctions policy [PDF 268KB]  (August 2022)

Human Resource issues in research

Policy 23: Joint policy for access to work at Barts Health Honorary Research Contracts and Letters of Access [PDF 156KB]

Policy 24: Joint policy for research misconduct [PDF 260KB]

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