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Joint Research Management Office

Barts Life Sciences' Covid-19 Data Group

Covid-19 data requests and project proposals

Barts Health’s Covid-19 patient data sets will be one of the largest in the UK. Unsurprisingly there has been a flurry of requests around their use.

To help manage these requests to access and share data the JRMO has sought help from Barts Life Sciences and a new group has been established. The Covid-19 Data Group now meets weekly to review proposals and will consider them in the context of their societal benefit, the benefit to the institutions and their fit with our strategic goals to make better use of data to transform care. Where data requests are for similar projects it will also look to, and expect, a collaboration between research groups, rather than competition.

The Group’s membership includes Barts Life Sciences and JRMO senior management, front-line clinicians, academics and informatics leads. While the Group is unable to have members from every speciality or research group, when there are specialist queries we will reach out to the relevant teams.

Terms of Reference for Covid-19 data access review group [PDF 460KB]

COVID-19 project proposals can be submitted to and will be reviewed firstly by the JRMO research committee and then submitted to the Barts Life Sciences Covid-19 Data Group for final evaluation.

Enquiries regarding the Barts Life Sciences Covid-19 Data Group can be sent to

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