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Joint Research Management Office

Research Policies

traffic light turned greenResearch activity at Barts Health and Queen Mary, including the workings of the JRMO itself, is undertaken in accordance with a set of Joint Research Management Policies [PDF 1,064KB]

These Policies are reviewed routinely on both an individual and collective basis. The policies were most recently updated in December 2020, with the inclusion of a new Queen Mary Overheads Policy (Appendix A to Policy 20), but a full review of them is planned in 2021, once the UK has left the European Union and the new regulatory framework is clearer.

These policies cover both the operation of the JRMO and the conduct of research at both Barts Health and Queen Mary. They enable both organisations to manage the JRMO and to conduct other research activities at our various sites.

This joint approach was adopted to address the following areas:

  • Efficiency within policy-making by creating a common set of policies to be adopted and ratified by the respective management boards;
  • Establishment of a common set of principles to provide consistency for researchers working in both organisations; and,
  • Collaboration to ensure clear and consistent standards for research work, and drawing on respective strengths.

The policies are designed to ensure there is clear guidance for research managers and research staff in relation to requirements issued in the following main documents:

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